Terms and Conditions

Room reservations made directly with the hotel, including via our website, are subject to our cancellation terms. Unless otherwise stated at the time of booking or in your confirmation, you may cancel your booking up to seven days before arrival time without charge. Thereafter, you will be charged the full room rate for your booking, however any dinner or other extras booked may be cancelled without charge, unless they have already been ordered in especially for you.

We may contact you by email or telephone about your booking, to ensure everything is right for your stay. If you prefer not to be contacted by any particular means, please let us know.

The hotel reserves the right to cancel any booking within seven days of it being made, or later if circumstances beyond our control mean that it is impractical to accommodate a guest and provide our usual standards of service. In the event that a booking is cancelled by the hotel, all monies paid will be promptly refunded, but no further liability is accepted. The liability of the hotel in respect of any accommodation reservation is limited to a refund of the pre-booked value of that reservation.