Special luxury Christmas Cards from Orestone Manor

We've noticed many reports in the press about declining use of traditional Christmas cards, and we think that's a bit sad. A quick "merry Christmas to all" on Facebook is all well and good, but there is something special about choosing, writing and sending a Christmas card. It's been a tradition here in Britain for over 170 years, so let's keep it going.

As the place where it all began, Orestone Manor has a special reason to preserve the wonderful tradition of sending cards at Christmas. We know cards can be expensive, so we've produced a special card of our own, replicating the design of the original Horsley card on the front, with a little of the history behind it inside.

We're giving away boxes of these special cards to all customers coming to the hotel & restaurant from 22 November until Christmas (or until we run out). If you'd like to send some really unique and special cards this Christmas, please drop in and pick up your free pack.

Click and drag on the corners of our Interactive Christmas Card to turn it over, and to see inside the card.

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